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Welcome to Bricycles

For the last forty years, Bricycles has been central in making it easier to cycle in Brighton & Hove, and we will continue to do so for many years to come.

To celebrate our fortieth anniversary, we’re relaunching with a focus on promoting cycling as a cheap, emission-free way to get around, keep fit and have fun. We’ve recently seen improvements to cycling infrastructure in Brighton and Hove, and there’s more on the way, but we’re campaigning harder than ever to get a high-quality network, with protected space on all major roads and properly-enforced speed limits so that everyone can benefit – kids, young people, older people, disabled and able-bodied. The result will be good for everyone, regardless of whether they cycle: a cleaner, greener city with more space for people, where it’s easier and quicker to move around.

Our new website contains useful information on starting to cycle, links to bike shops and cycling organisations as well as regular news features, where you can keep up to speed on campaigns and other developments.

Over the coming months you’ll see more from us on things like cycling as a family, doing the school run by bike, cycling to work and cycling with disabilities and physical limitations.

More to explore

Bicycle leaning against Polling Station sign with polling station door wide open in the background

MP hopefuls face our questions

Who will get your vote? Will they say they will make Brighton & Hove more accessible for cycling? We’ve asked every candidate across the city three simple questions and look forward to receiving and publishing their clear and concise replies. So come back to this page often to see what they say.

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Kidical Mass – the biggest yet!

More than 400 riders, young and old, took part in the Kidical Mass ride last month despite the (initially) gloomy weather.

We were blown away by the turnout and the energy and enthusiasm of the riders, calling for safer streets for people on bicycles.

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‘Smart’ bikes

It finally happened, my e-bike was stolen last month. I had always known it was a matter of when, not if, it got stolen. When I went to the bike shop to try out options I was excited to discover technology has moved on since I last bought a bike. A new generation of ‘smart’ e-bikes offer integrated anti-theft protection, using the bluetooth on your phone as a key.

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