Get involved

Become a Ranger

Being a ranger is a great way to become involved in your local community whilst getting out and about.

Whether it’s branches on cycle lanes, chaotic signage, a landslip or broken glass, obstructions can get in the way of cycling. By reporting these issues to the council or Highways England, we can make sure everyone’s journey is and safe and as easy as possible.

How much or how little you cover is up to you: it might be your daily route to work, or a trip out Sometimes, we report on animals in danger or lost dogs.

Reporting is easy – all you need to do is call, text or email Tom Jones, our head ranger, who will pass on your report to the relevant authority.

If you’d like to help out, please click here to send Tom an email.

Become a member

We’re a non profit-making organisation run by volunteers, and your membership fee will help us with operating costs. Click here to join.


We’re always on the lookout for enthusiastic people who can help us run Bricycles, and to spread the word with leaflet drops. Drop us a line using the contact form and let us know what skills you’d like to contribute.


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