Our aim is for anyone to be able to cycle in Brighton & Hove, regardless of age or ability. For that to happen, our streets need to not only be safe but feel safe too, so that cycling is a pleasant, fun activity.

A high quality cycle network in Brighton and Hove

Cycle-friendly streets are people-friendly streets. They’re healthier, livelier and more pleasant for everyone. We need a network for cycling so that everyone can get from A to B for their daily
journeys using a safe, direct and convenient route. Just as we can’t have roads that are unsafe to walk along, we can’t have roads that are unsafe to cycle along.

Space for cycling

On busy roads, people cycling need to be kept physically separate from traffic, in wide, well-surfaced lanes. We need properly-enforced 20mph speed limits where people live and work and a 40mph limits outside towns. We’d like to see cycle-friendly town centres with people prioritised over motor traffic, plus safe routes to schools and attractive routes through parks and green spaces.

Better junction design

Junctions can be tricky places, with vehicles turning across the path of cycles. All main junctions need clearly-marked, separated lanes, early green lights for cycling and Advanced Stop Lines so people on cycles can wait ahead.

Two-way cycling everywhere

One-way systems are designed around motor vehicles, not cycles. We’d like to see all one-ways made two-way for cycling.

Well-maintained routes

Badly-maintained surfaces, with potholes or overgrown vegetation can cause accidents, so these problems need to be swiftly addressed. If there are roadworks along a cycle route, we need safe diversions, not ‘Cyclists Dismount’ signs. We’re campaigning for more physical separation of cycle lanes, so that vehicles can no longer park on them, and an end to pavement parking, which makes life hard for people on cycles and on foot.

Secure cycle parking

Many people in Brighton & Hove live in flats or small houses where there’s no space to safely store a cycle. This is particularly true for cargo bikes, trikes and adapted cycles. We need secure,
weatherproof cycle shelters in residential areas, and more stands around town for parking when people are out and about.

Better legislation

Overall, we’d like to see spending diverted from road-building and into sustainable transport, plus an enhanced justice system that takes into account the harm that bad driving causes. HGVs can be particularly dangerous to cycle around, with blind spots, and we’d like to see tighter safety standards applied to them.