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Exciting times for cycling

The last week has seen so many developments in cycling we can barely keep up! The government has announced:

– a Cycling and Walking Plan, with a sixfold increase in cycling and walking funding, to tackle congestion, pollution, poor health and the climate crisis and stimulate the economy. It states that ‘Cycling is or will become mass transit and must be treated as such,’ and that cyclists must be separate from ‘volume traffic’ and pedestrians – paving the way for more protected cycle routes

– a consultation on changes to the Highway Code, including making motorists responsible for protecting cyclists and giving cyclists priority at junctions and roundabouts

£50 bike repair vouchers – so popular the site crashed when first launched. Good luck in getting yours!

– the creation of Active Travel England, which will inspect and approve cycling and walking schemes, making sure minimum standards are adhered to

– cycling to be prescribed by GPs to combat poor health

We’ve been talking to residents about the pop-up cycle lanes on the A270 Old Shoreham Road, which were set up quickly to ease demand for public transport and reduce the number of cars on the road. Critics complain of an increase in queueing, but most of the time there’s no congestion. We’re in touch with the Council about further improvements to serve shops and schools, plus a safe, direct cycle route all the way to Shoreham along the A270. All urban roads must be safely accessible by cycle so people can get where they need to go. With more people cycling, our city will be less congested and polluted and safer for everybody, and Covid infection rates will be lower.

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South Portslade Election Survey

Only two of the candidates for the South Portslade election who have been sent surveys about their views on cycling locally and city-wide have responded. Residents vote for their new councillor on Thursday 11 January. Here are the replies of the candidates who have responded.

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