About us

We’re here to raise the profile of cycling and push for more protected space and better-designed roads so that everyone can get around safely: young and old, able-bodied and disabled, confident cyclists and newbies.

Bricycles is an independent, non-political community group, funded by member subscriptions and donations. It was established by Rob Stephenson in 1980 as a response to the lack of cycling infrastructure in Brighton & Hove, with meetings taking place in The Eagle pub. Early members included Les Robinson, Simon Mills, Mike Wright, Rachel Bennington, Gordon Sillence and Mark Strong.

We listen to Brighton & Hove’s residents to find out what improvements they need to make cycling easier, and liaise with the Council and other stakeholders to get things done.

Committee Members

Becky Reynolds, Campaigns

Duncan Codd, Cycling Infrastructure Advisor

Tony Green, Treasurer/Membership Secretary

Tom Jones, Development and Outreach

Adam Pride, Secretary

Rob Stevens, Website Manager


Chris Williams, Project Management / Media

Adam Bronkhorst, Photographer

Elisha James, Family Cycling

David Porter, Cargo bikes