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Our vision for a cycle-friendly city

We probably don’t need to remind you of the benefits of cycling: it’s a cheap, quick and easy way to get around, it’s great for physical and mental health, and is noise and emission-free. And above all, it’s fun!

Evidence shows that the majority of people in the UK would like to cycle more but don’t because they’re scared of traffic. The simple solution is protected space on major roads and low, properly enforced speed limits in residential areas. Cities that have implemented this have seen a sharp rise in cycling and a drop in vehicle use. This isn’t just true of cycling utopias such as Denmark and The Netherlands, but French, German and Spanish cities too. Other UK cities, such as Bristol, London and Manchester have also made big strides towards establishing cycling networks, with a huge boost to their economies and wellbeing.

We’ve made a good start in Brighton & Hove, but there’s still a long way to go.  We need to move on from thinking ‘this road is/isn’t right for a cycle lane’. If traffic is too fast and dense for a 12-year old to cycle safely, the road needs protected space for cycling. Bricycles is campaigning for a fully-connected network of protected cycle routes across the city, so that everyone can travel safely.

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