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Photo by Adam Bronkhorst

  1. Need to report a problem with cycling infrastructure?

For problems with things like overgrown foliage blocking cycle lanes or bad surfacing, email Brighton & Hove City Council


Want more cycle parking?

Cycle parking is a huge problem in our city, particularly for people in flats, as they often have nowhere safe and dry to keep their cycle. Bike hangars can securely accommodate up to 12 cycles in the space of one car, but we need to convince the Council to invest in them. We also need more cycle stands, particularly for adapted cycles and cargo bikes, so that people can lock up their cycle safely when out and about.

Send the Council an email to let them know where you’d like to see more cycle storage.


Cycling with disabilities

Wheels for Wellbeing is a national charity that exists to enhance disabled people’s lives by ensuring that anyone can access the physical, emotional, practical and social benefits of cycling. Its website is full of advice and information.


National active transport (cycling and walking) organisations


Charity that aims to make it easier for people to walk and cycle in the UK. Operates the National Cycle Network and is an important stakeholder in transport planning.

Cycling UK

Charity that promotes cycling for everyone in the UK. Holds rides, provides information and lobbies for better conditions for cycling.

Cycling UK has an extensive list of riding and campaigning groups in East Sussex and West Sussex, as well as elsewhere in the country.

Nearby cycling campaigners

Cycle Lewes


Other regional active transport organisations around the UK

Bristol Cycling Campaign

Camcycle Cambridge Cycling Campaign

London Cycling Campaign


Cycling clubs in and around Brighton & Hove

1066 Club, Hastings

Arun-Adur Cycling Club

BLAGS Brighton Lesbian & Gay Sports Society

Bognor Regis Cycling Club

Brighton Explorers Group Mountain Biking

Brighton Excelsior Cycling Club

Brighton Mitre Cycling Club

Brighton Multicultural Women’s Cycle Club

Brighton & Hove Clarion Cycling Club

Brunswick, West Hove & Portslade u3A Cycling Group

Cycle Seahaven

Cycling UK Brighton & Hove

Eastbourne Rovers

East Sussex Cycling Association

East Sussex CTC

Hastings Urban Bikes

Preston Park u3a Cycling Group

Preston Park Youth Cycle Club

Sussex Cycle Racing League

Sussex Cyclists’ Association

Worthing Excelsior Cycling Club