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The new City Council & Bricycles

Logo of Brighton & Hove City Council

The Labour party has been elected to form the city council administration and Bricycles looks forward to working with it to make Brighton & Hove a better place for all who would like to cycle.

Here are excerpts from Labour’s manifesto that chime with us:

“A Labour council will make sure everything it does takes us closer to our target of making Brighton & Hove a carbon neutral city by 2030. Public health, including the impact of climate change, will inform every council decision…

“We want Brighton & Hove to be a hub of health and wellbeing. We will lobby government for public health funding to encourage healthier, active living…

“We live in a busy city with cars, vans, buses, cycles, taxis and pedestrians, all vying for space on our streets. Labour will look for better ways to control traffic, one of the causes of Brighton & Hove’s poor air quality, causing health problems for individuals and the planet…

“Bike travelWe will support the city’s bike hire scheme that Labour introduced and look to widen our cycle pathways and network after proper consultation with residents. We will also consult on the setting up of more bike hangars…

“Labour councillors will work closely with communities, special interest groups and residents’ associations, coming to your meetings, talking to you, getting to know you, so that your opinions and experiences are fed directly into the council…

“Active listening – Labour will actively listen to your community about what amenities you need…

“We will expand on Labour’s introduction of school streets with traffic calming measures to make getting to school safer…”

To read the manifesto in full click here

Bicycle parked beside Polling Station sign

Before the elections, Bricycles asked the Labour and other parties to sign up to our 3 Pledges. Although it didn’t commit in full, here are its responses:

Pledge 1: Build well-designed, protected cycle lanes.

“A majority Labour council will continue to provide safe cycle lanes and will actively engage with communities on the installation of safe, well designed cycle lanes that encourage more residents to move to active travel.”

Pledge 2: Create safer junction crossings for people using bicycles.

“We acknowledge that having safer junctions and crossings is an essential component of a bike-friendly cycle routes and Labour would look to encourage and champion these when developing the city’s core infrastructure.”

Pledge 3: Create neighbourhoods that prioritise walking and cycling.

“Labour councillors have championed the pilot Mini Holland project in Wish & Westbourne which will improve the environment for cycling, walking and improved air quality. It will also have a focus of developing a 20 minute neighbourhood where the community can have access to the services and stores it needs within easy reach.”

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