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City Council Elections & Bricycles’ 3 Pledges

Bicycle leaning against polling station sign

We’re calling on all political parties with candidates standing in the Brighton & Hove City Council elections on 4 May 2023 to sign up to Bricycles’ 3 Pledges
Brighton & Hove City Council has set a goal to become carbon neutral by 2030. To do this we need to reduce carbon emissions from transport.
Bricycles’ 3 Pledges will ensure Brighton & Hove remains a vibrant city for years to come by lowering transport emissions, air pollution, traffic congestion and road collisions, as well as promoting people’s health and wellbeing.
The Conservatives
and a Brighton & Hove Independent candidate have not responded to our 3 Pledges. Greens committed to them in full. Labour and Liberal Democrats each provided a response, saying it ‘mostly aligns with but is not a full commitment’ to the 3 Pledges.

Bricycles’ 3 Pledges


  1. Build well-designed, protected cycle lanes
  • Protected cycle lanes keep everyone safe by separating each mode of transport, protecting people cycling from people driving and pedestrians from people on bicycles
  • Well-designed cycle lanes ensure cycling is accessible for everyone, providing space for people with disabilities who ride adapted cycles
  • Cargo bicycles can easily get around the city, promoting sustainable deliveries
  • Building well- designed, protected cycle lanes, as set out by the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) will provide people with safe cycling routes, allowing many more journeys to be made by bicycles. This will free up road space for those who need to make their journeys by car.
  1. Create safer junction crossings for people using bicycles 
  • Junctions should be well-designed for bicycles to safely enter and exit cycle lanes
  • Installing safe bicycle crossings to better connect our city’s streets, creating a network of bicycle-friendly routes
  • Good junction design allows cycling to feel safe, convenient and accessible to all
  1. Create neighbourhoods that prioritise walking and cycling
  • Some of the most vibrant areas of our city are pedestrianised and cycle friendly with both residents and visitors able to enjoy the many shops, cafes and restaurants on offer
  • By reducing through-traffic, walking and cycling is made more appealing in residential neighbourhoods
  • Well designed neighbourhoods that promote walking and cycling reduce road collisions, improve air pollution and promote a healthier lifestyle

Polling day is on Thursday 4 May. There are new rules requiring photo identification at polling stations.

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Bicycle leaning against polling station sign

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