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MP hopefuls face our questions

Bicycle leaning against Polling Station sign with polling station door wide open in the background

Bricycles has written to every single general election candidate in the city’s three constituencies, asking questions about making the city better for cycling.
We will publish all their replies to help you decide who gets your vote.

Here are the questions.

1. The extraordinary success of Kidical Mass in our city shows many children and adults want the city made safer for cycling because fear of collisions is the main deterrent for cycling. (Note: 565 cyclists have been killed or injured in Brighton & Hove since the last General Election.)
Cycle lanes physically separated from motor traffic are safer
• How will you support delivery of a network of separated, safer cycle lanes as an MP in the city of Brighton and Hove?

2. Cycling improves physical and mental health for residents. If journeys are made by bike instead of motor vehicle, the health of the whole community benefits because the air is cleaner so the risk of early deaths are reduced. Good cycling infrastructure also reduces the risks social exclusion and the social problems that it causes.
• What will you do to make cycling more accessible, particularly in the parts of your constituency where poor transport is putting people at high risk of social exclusion?
3. Last year almost 800 cycle thefts were reported to Brighton & Hove Police but not a single thief was convicted. 
Cycle theft stops people who already cycle from continuing and it stops many others from starting to cycle. 
• What will you do to reduce cycle theft? 

The candidates’ replies can be read by clicking on each of their names. If there is no link it means they haven’t replied yet.

(If your browser can’t download any of the files, there are tips to solve that here.)

Sophie Broadbent (Green – Hove & Portslade)
Carline Deal (Conservative – Hove & Portslade)
Martin Hess (Reform UK – Hove & Portslade)
Peter Kyle (Labour
 – Hove & Portslade)
Tanushka Marah (Independent
 – Hove & Portslade)
Wang (LibDem – Hove & Portslade)
Valerie Gray
(Social Democrat – Brighton Kemptown & Peacehaven)
Elaine Hills
(Green – Brighton Kemptown & Peacehaven)
Stewart Stone
(LibDem – Brighton Kemptown & Peacehaven)
Khobi Anne Vallis
(Conservative – Brighton Kemptown & Peacehaven)
Emma Wall
(Independent – Brighton Kemptown & Peacehaven)
Chris Ward
(Labour – Brighton Kemptown & Peacehaven)
Steve AI (Independent – Brighton Pavilion) 
Sian Berry (Green – Brighton Pavilion)
Carl Buckfield (Social Democrat – Brighton Pavilion)
Tom Gray (Labour – Brighton Pavilion)
Mark Mulvihill (Reform UK – Brighton Pavilion)
Ashley Ridley (LibDem – Brighton  Pavilion)
Citizen Skwith (Monster Raving Looney – Brighton  Pavilion)
Sarah Webster (Conservative – Brighton  Pavilion)

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