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The Bike Train is branching out

The Bike Train is branching out. From Friday 9th June the Old Shoreham Road Bike Train will be running to Goldstone Primary School every Friday morning as well as its existing route to the Bilingual School. 

The Bike Train gives families the chance to ride in a group, offering strength in numbers and a great way to build confidence. Just swapping one journey a week from car to bike is a wonderful way to improve health and wellbeing as well as benefit our planet and local community. 

Children love the independence of riding their own bikes. Joining a bike train is a safe way to give them this opportunity. Children must be accompanied by an adult on the route.

The Bike Train was set up by parents following the removal of the temporary cycle lane on the Old Shoreham Road. Having enjoyed the benefits of cycling to school, the group wanted to maintain this by providing a safe and fun alternative.

The Bike Train runs every Friday morning, starting at Knoll Business Centre at 8.40am. At Hove Cemetery the train will branch out, taking its new route past Rowan Avenue and Maytree Walk before finishing at Goldstone Primary at 8.50am. The existing route will continue to Holmes Avenue and Hove Park, arriving at the Bilingual School at 9am.

For more information join the Bike Train facebook group or contact

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