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Meet Ben Kelly

I joined the organisation as recently as last year after I got involved in some local cycling campaigning very close to home. I was dismayed when the Council removed the temporary cycle lane on the Old Shoreham Road last September, just as my two boys and I had started using it regularly to cycle to their school in Hove Park. This energised me to get more involved in campaigning for safe cycling across the city and I jumped at the chance to play an active role for Bricycles.

As the Consultations, Stakeholder and Political Engagement Lead my aim is to talk to the wider community and to people who either make decisions or influence them ensuring that the Bricycles mission statement is represented. I work to raise the profile of cycling and campaigning for a city in which everyone feels safe to cycle, regardless of age and ability. On a practical level, this means working with local political groups, ensuring we have Bricycles present in local stakeholder forums and providing a group response to consultations that impact our community. I also ensure we have representation at events that promote cycling and active travel.

In addition to this I run a Bike Train every Friday morning along the Old Shoreham Road from Hangleton to Hove Park. It is primarily for children that attend the Bilingual Primary School in Hove Park but it’s open to anyone that would like to travel along this important but sometimes perilous corridor. Each parent must accompany their children as we ride two abreast with the adults on the outside. We ride at a very leisurely pace so it’s suitable for all ages and abilities. There are a few pick up points along the route so if you live near the Old Shoreham Road and would like to join in the Friday Fun, please contact or follow us on Twitter @oserbiketrain. The kids love it and it’s a fantastic way to start the day. We usually play some nice upbeat music to get us in the mood and we always get smiles and waves from the locals as we make our way to school. 

There’s a growing global community of Bike Trains or (Bike Buses as they are sometimes known) organised by parents that are passionate about providing safe cycling for our kids. If you don’t live near the Old Shoreham Road but would be interested in a Bike Train for your route, please also get in touch and I can help you set one up.

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Kidical Mass – the biggest yet!

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