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New cycle storage hangars for the city

Cycle storage is a big barrier to cycling – if you’ve got nowhere to park your bike, you can’t cycle. Leaving a bike on the street at night leaves it open to theft and to the elements. The alternative is to take it inside your house, which is impossible for most people who live in flats or small houses, for those who cycle with children, or anyone who is physically incapable of lifting a cycle.

Whereas you can park a car securely in one of the 42,000 parking spaces that line the streets of Brighton & Hove, there’s hardly anywhere to securely keep a bike at night.

That’s about to change. The council has just announced it’s got funding for 100 bike hangars, like the ones in the picture. These have storage for up to 6 cycles and occupy less than the space of a car. For an annual fee that’s lower than the price of a vehicle permit, you rent a space to lock your bike to, inside a lockable hangar which protects your bike from theft and from the elements.

The council will decide where to put the hangars on the basis of cycle theft statistics, demand from residents and existing cycling facilities.

A hundred of these hangars is a drop in the ocean, but it’s a good start. We’d ultimately like to see at least one on every residential street in the city.

Contact your councillors to make the case for cycling storage and safe space for cycling. You can get their details here.

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