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Urgent action needed for a better A27 crossing at Lancing

IMG_3909 -ed_Sussex PadDo you ride over the old Shoreham Toll Bridge and cross the A27 to go to Coombes, Botolphs or Steyning using the “Sussex Pad” junction? Well, there are proposals to close that crossing as part of the New Monks Farm development. The alternative would be a detour of about 750m ( ½ mile) which would involve four sets of traffic lights and four crossings over carriageways.

The plans are out for consultation NOW with a deadline of 29 September 2017.

Please comment on the consultation here

Our objections are below. Please feel free to copy and improve!

  • We object to the lengthy, inadequate and hazardous replacement for the existing crossing from the Old Shoreham Road to Coombes Road for cyclists and other non-motorised users.
  • If this existing crossing is removed, it must be replaced by a bridge or underpass which gives safe, direct access across the A27 from the Old Shoreham Road to Coombes Road for all non-motorised road-users and it must be usable in all weathers and at all times of day i.e. lit and not vulnerable to flooding.
  • The proposed replacement crossing does not fulfill high quality standards in walking and cycling. (Ref: Highways England’s Interim Advice Note 195/16)
  • We disagree with the Transport Assessment (Page 38, Paragraph 4.3.19 ) which says “The above data demonstrates very low cycle demands for crossing the A27 within the carriageway and using existing pedestrian crossing during the various peak hours, and on a daily basis.” This crossing is well used and invaluable for cyclists, cycling groups and cycling events that often use this crossing in large numbers throughout the year.
  • This development proposal needs to provide more safe, direct and attractive walking and cycling routes and links so that people can walk/cycle easily to all destinations e.g. shops, schools, health centres, railway stations etc. and that cycling/walking can reach its full potential with all the accompanying public health and environmental benefits including improved air quality, reduced obesity and greater physical and mental health.
  • Sustainable transport such as cycling, walking and use of public transport needs to be much more clearly prioritised in this scheme in line with Government and West Sussex County Council sustainable transport policy (see below).

    WSCC’s West Sussex Walking and Cycling Strategy 2016–2026 has stated objectives: “To make cycling and walking the natural choice for shorter journeys (such as journeys to school), or as part of a longer journey” and “To reduce congestion and pollution by encouraging and enabling people to travel without a car”, among many other worthy ambitions which are not demonstrated in this scheme.

    “The Government wants walking and cycling to be a normal part of everyday life, and the natural choices for shorter journeys such as going to school, college or work, travelling to the station, and for simple enjoyment.” Government policy as stated above is in its Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy,

  • Statements in the “Technical Note: A27 Access Strategy” section of the Transport Assessment demonstrate ignorance of the need to develop high quality walking and cycling facilities so that these modes can reach their full potential (ref: Highway England’s Interim Advice Note 195/16.)
  • This proposal will encourage car use. The housing development proposal includes a car parking space for each dwelling (i.e. possibly 600 cars). The proposed IKEA car park would have 1000 spaces, but the A27 is already at capacity and alternatives to car travel should be more strongly encouraged and invested in.
  • Issues of flooding are not resolved. This is relevant for any development, but also provision for cycling and all non-motorised users.
  • The application is baffling for most ordinary citizens who will be confronted with 400 documents. Key points for cycling difficult to discern, particularly against jargon, spin and complexity.

New Monks Farm overview

More information
Diagram VN40408/PL-015 in the Transport Assessment (below) shows the lengths we will have to go to if the plans are approved:

New roundabout VN40408-PL-015

The proposed replacement route means that instead of the current crossing, you would have to turn left (west) on to a cycle path, go about 320m and grapple with this new roundabout (above) and four sets of traffic lights to get to the northern side of the roundabout and then cycle back east about 350m simply to get to Coombes Road on the other side of the A27. This is something you can do at the moment as soon as one set of lights changes to green.

This page will be updated as our research continues.



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