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Ranger T3

“I have covered the seafront as a bike ranger for a year now and find it’s useful to report back to relevant people on the council and to inform others of any issues, problems or improvements to a route on which I regularly cycle.”

We are looking for more volunteers to join our cycle rangers, with the aim of providing a complete network for Brighton and Hove and even perhaps surrounding areas. We need Bricycles Rangers to act as ‘eyes’ in local areas and be able to report back to Bricycles any issues encountered as part of their regular rides.

What do Rangers do?

The remit, as indicated, is to ‘keep an eye’ on the area as well as make suggestions for the future and then simply report back to Tom (Rangers Co-ordinator) who will take it further –  simply noting issues on your daily ride shouldn’t take much time and can be of great help in getting prompt action, and helping improve cycling in the city for all.

How have Rangers helped?

In all sorts of situations across the City, Bricycles Rangers have been able to identify problems and pass them on to the right person to get them solved. Contractors working on developments around Providence Place/Ann Street have several times – with signage or other obstruction – undermined access along this part of the NCN… this sort of thing:

Because of prompt action from the Bricycles Ranger we have been able to contact the council and get things sorted.

We would like to develop the role of Rangers further, finding out if they can become more involved in local campaigns, identifying some additional benefits to volunteering, and perhaps organising some group ‘Urban Safari’ style Ranger Rides to get perspective on the wider city networks and take on some practical tasks to improve things.

To become a Ranger or find out more, contact Tom at