Council aim to improve London Road but funds limited

Brighton and Hove City Council is asking people to choose one of three options for short term improvements on London Road. These are 1) A General Clean / Smarten Up / Tidy  2) Minor Improvements to Preston Circus and 3) Improvements to the Oxford Street / Ann St Crossing. They will choose the option with the most votes by 9th September. 

London Road needs more bike parking, better east – west routes for cyclists, less traffic, wider pavements and better bus shelters, however funding is limited for this scheme. The budget has been drastically reduced because funds have been diverted for emergency repairs to the seafront arches. 

Not enough bike parking!

More biking to work in Brighton!

Cycling to work has got more popular in Brighton and Hove over the last 10 years! The number of people living here who cycled to work increased by 109% according to the 2011 census results published today! Other notable increases were London (101%), Bristol (94%), Manchester (83%), Newcastle (81%) and Sheffield (80%). See more analysis by the Office of National Statistics at southbound on the A23

A23 Cycle Scheme Consultation

Brighton & Hove City Council propose to introduce cycle lanes on
both sides of the A23 London Road between Patcham Place recreation
ground and The Deneway, Withdean. The route will form an important
missing link in the National Cycle Network. Two pedestrian / cycle
crossings will also be proposed as part of the scheme.

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