Ride Planet Earth needs ride organisers in UK

On 6th Dec 09 in cities, towns and villages around the world, cyclists will be taking to the streets to demonstrate the capacity and willingness of ordinary people to take action on climate change. Riders will also be urging their governmental leaders meeting the next day in Copenhagen to take the necessary action as well. Organisers are needed for UK rides.

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Brighton Naked Bike Ride a big success again

Brighton’s Naked Bike Ride was again a big success last weekend. The event is part of an
international environmental campaign promoting cycling and protesting
against oil dependency and car culture.

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House of Lords rules that Critical Mass is not unlawful

The House of Lords have ruled that London Critical Mass is not
unlawful. Police attempted to outlaw the ride unless they were notified
in advance of the route.  All five law lords upheld the appeal which
stated that the event has no organisers or set route and proceeds on a
‘follow my leader’ basis, so therefore it is not governed by section 11
of the Public Order Act 1986.

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Join Bricycles for 'The People's Bike Ride'

Join Bricycles for ‘The People’s Bike Ride’ on Sunday 21 September. This is part of the Car Free Day event in Brighton City Centre. The (short) ride starts at 12.00 from New Road, (North Street end) and
will be followed by a picnic in the Pavilion Gardens from about 1 pm. 

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Climate Change and The Student Movement, 6/7 June 2008

Climate Change and the Student Movement
is a two day conference on the Science, Politics and Campaigning skills
necessary to defeat dangerous Climate Change. It aims to bring students
and incoming executive officers together to discuss a co-ordinated and
well thought-out response to the challenges presented by climate change.

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