Stop East Sussex County Council’s bus cuts!

20140829 - Bus consultation logoIn an astounding attack on essential transport, East Sussex County Council is proposing cuts of £1.69 million to bus services, including those to Seaford and the Conquest Hospital, along with fare increases approaching 30%. All evening and Sunday services subsidised by the council will be withdrawn. This is the same council that has spent £57 million on the unnecessary and destructive Bexhill Hastings Link Road. Stop these cuts! Give your views to the consultation at: It runs until 28 September.

For more information and a good perspective on the council’s misguided policies, see:


Bendy bus hazard for Brighton & Hove

London’s “bendy buses” are being decommissioned on the grounds that they’re dangerous and have encouraged fare dodging. These are now being sold off cheap, so Brighton and Hove Bus and Coach Company have trialled one on the 25 bus route to the Universities where the current bus service is at capacity. In our latest newsletter we look at the impact of these buses on cyclists on the Lewes Road.

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