20 mph Orders for excluded roads

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The Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) to reduce speed limits to 20 mph on Preston Drove, Surrenden Road and Stanford Avenue have now been published, along with a couple of others that slipped through the process.  It only takes a couple of minutes to give your support via a simple response form on the Council’s website  or by emailing parking.consultation@brighton-hove.gov.uk DEADLINE: 8th April 2014. The reference numbers are TRO-9b-2014 and TRO-9c-2014. You must give your full name and address. Tell the council that these roads are main routes to schools. 20 mph speed limits mean greater safety and a better environment for healthy walking and cycling.

People without web access can write to the Executive Director Environment, Development & Housing, Brighton & Hove City Council, Hove Town Hall, Room 323, Norton Road, Hove, BN3 3BQ, following the points above. Deadline 8th April 2014. Spread the word!

Time for 20mph!

Walking to school on Preston DroveURGENT! Please lobby the Councillors on the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee  as soon as possible (and it must be before their meeting on 4 March 2014 at 4 pm.) Ask them to support the recommendations in the “Brighton and Hove 20 mph phase 2” report, and particularly to support 20 mph speed limits on Preston Drove, Stanford Ave. and Surrenden Rd. The members are:
gill.mitchell@brighton-hove.gcsx.gov.uk (L)
alan.robins@brighton-hove.gcsx.gov.uk (L)
emma.daniel@brighton-hove.gcsx.gov.uk (L)
geoffrey.theobald@brighton-hove.gcsx.gov.uk (C)
tony.janio@brighton-hove.gcsx.gov.uk (C)
graham.cox@brighton-hove.gcsx.gov.uk (C)
ian.davey@brighton-hove.gcsx.gov.uk  (G)
christopher.hawtree@brighton-hove.gcsx.gov.uk (G)
ollie.sykes@brighton-hove.gcsx.gov.uk (G)
pete.west@brighton-hove.gcsx.gov.uk (G) (Chair)

The background to this is that Preston Drove, Stanford Avenue and Surrenden Road were removed from the 20 mph speed limit process at the last minute in December 2013 by Labour and Conservative councillors voting together. But these streets are main routes to schools. Most road deaths and serious injuries occur on roads with 30 mph limits so these are the important roads to improve! Preston Drove and Stanford Avenue are not key bus routes. Fast roads discourage cycling and walking. A petition of 742 signatures in support of 20 mph on those roads is being referred to this Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee. In addition a deputation is being made. The roads are now back on the agendaWe can achieve 20 mph limits here and elsewhere if the councillors support the 20 mph recommendations!  Please email them using the addresses above.

For further detailed council information: The 20 mph report starts on page 217 in the “Public reports pack” on the council website  The deputation is on page 43. The petition is mentioned on page 45.