Time for 20mph!

Walking to school on Preston DroveURGENT! Please lobby the Councillors on the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee  as soon as possible (and it must be before their meeting on 4 March 2014 at 4 pm.) Ask them to support the recommendations in the “Brighton and Hove 20 mph phase 2” report, and particularly to support 20 mph speed limits on Preston Drove, Stanford Ave. and Surrenden Rd. The members are:
gill.mitchell@brighton-hove.gcsx.gov.uk (L)
alan.robins@brighton-hove.gcsx.gov.uk (L)
emma.daniel@brighton-hove.gcsx.gov.uk (L)
geoffrey.theobald@brighton-hove.gcsx.gov.uk (C)
tony.janio@brighton-hove.gcsx.gov.uk (C)
graham.cox@brighton-hove.gcsx.gov.uk (C)
ian.davey@brighton-hove.gcsx.gov.uk  (G)
christopher.hawtree@brighton-hove.gcsx.gov.uk (G)
ollie.sykes@brighton-hove.gcsx.gov.uk (G)
pete.west@brighton-hove.gcsx.gov.uk (G) (Chair)

The background to this is that Preston Drove, Stanford Avenue and Surrenden Road were removed from the 20 mph speed limit process at the last minute in December 2013 by Labour and Conservative councillors voting together. But these streets are main routes to schools. Most road deaths and serious injuries occur on roads with 30 mph limits so these are the important roads to improve! Preston Drove and Stanford Avenue are not key bus routes. Fast roads discourage cycling and walking. A petition of 742 signatures in support of 20 mph on those roads is being referred to this Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee. In addition a deputation is being made. The roads are now back on the agendaWe can achieve 20 mph limits here and elsewhere if the councillors support the 20 mph recommendations!  Please email them using the addresses above.

For further detailed council information: The 20 mph report starts on page 217 in the “Public reports pack” on the council website  The deputation is on page 43. The petition is mentioned on page 45.


Ditchling Road Improvements

Brighton & Hove City Council partnered with neighbouring authorities and the South Downs National Park (SDNP) want to enhance sustainable access to our beautiful National Park. Ditchling Road is an important gateway into the National Park and the partnership is keen to create a supportive, welcoming and safe route which positively encourages people to walk, cycle and use public transport to get there from Brighton & Hove.
From Woodbourne Avenue to Coldean Lane, Ditchling Road and the green spaces either side are fully within the South Downs National Park boundary. This part of Ditchling Road is now subject to improvements so people can access the national park sustainably. This section of road also has a poor casualty record with two fatalities recorded in the last three years.
The consultation period has been extended from 8th Sept until 15th September, the web portal  will remain open until midnight on 15th September 2013. Bricycles welcomes the cycle/pedestrian path and speed reduction.

Council plans Old Shoreham Road cycle lane extension

The Argus has reported  that Brighton and Hove Council is planning to extend the Old Shoreham Road cycle lane for 1km to the West beyond The Drive towards Nevil Road. It will apparently include a new wide cycle lane with raised kerbs to separate bikes from cars, improvements to major junctions and new pedestrian crossings and may be approved at a town hall meeting on Tuesday, following which a consultation on the scheme will take place later this year and construction could take place between March and July 2014.

Brighton Station Bike Hub news

In January, Transport Minister Norman Baker unveiled plans for £62m investment for cycling in England. Up to three cities (includes Brighton) will be invited to bid for a fund of up to £30m Cycle City Ambi on Grants for infrastructure improvements to make cycling easier and safer in urban areas. There is also a fund of up to £12m available to local authories working in partnership with National Parks to improve conditons for cyclists. The Government will announce the successful projects in the summer. 

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20 mph speed limit for centre of Brighton and Hove

This is wonderful news for road users. It is one of Bricycles’ long term campaign goals. Following agreement at the Transport Committee on November 27, Brighton and Hove City Council is introducing a 20 mph speed limit for the centre of Brighton and Hove from April 2013. Officers are to proceed with advertising the formal Speed Limit Order for the changes in speed limit in the Phase 1 Area. 

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Bike Train update

Bike Train will be running group rides to eight different events during the Autumn season. This includes all Saturday Albion matches at the Amex Stadium in Falmer, as well as Apple Day at Stanmer Park and Bonfire Night in Lewes. The rides aim to be fun, family friendly and go at a gentle pace with music and experienced ride marshals. Each event ride will be on-line as a Facebook event where you can sign up and find out more.

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