Traffic Regulation Orders

Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) are council documents which lay out how roads in the City are used as regards parking, loading, no entries, one-way streets etc. They are composed and approved through a defined bureaucratic process which is described here

TROs are listed for comment on Brighton and Hove City Council’s TRO page

Bricycles responds to TROs from the cycling point of view by supporting or objecting to relevant proposals.

One ways streets which include pedal cycles and no entries for all vehicles are usually created to handle the flow of motor traffic and are rarely of any benefit to cycling, so we generally object to them.

Example: Gloucester Road

This is a complicated area, but the correct paperwork makes a difference to whether you can legally cycle or not! (And whether you get a ticket or not!).

Even the Police and PCSO’s are sometimes unaware of the precise legal status of some of the little streets and paths in the Brighton and Hove area.

Gloucester Road runs east-west and is a good quieter route for cyclists to get about. The road is divided into several sections.

During the 2016 revision of the Brighton and Hove cycle map, a number of anomalies were discovered between the signage on the streets and traffic regulations recorded by the council. Council officers wanted to remove these anomalies, so Traffic Regulation Orders TRO-8a-2016 and TRO-8b-2016  were advertised in April 2016. Reasons were given here.

There are benefits for cycling. TRO-8a-2016 (Schedule 3, Item 3) would legally allow cycling along the section of Gloucester Road at the end of Kensington Gardens where cycle signs have been in place for many years – that’s good. (See photo above left).

But another point in TRO-8a-2016, (Schedule 1) is for a ‘no cycling’ section of Gloucester Road between Kensington Place and Queens Gardens, which is commonly used by cyclists. (Photo above right). We objected to this point.

Both the above sections are included in an old document: “The Brighton (North Laine Traffic Management) Order 1986” which prohibited all vehicles including pedal cycles. No later amendment to that specific ruling has been found, though documents from 1988, and 2012 also deal with Gloucester Road.

We (and the Council) searched for any other Traffic Regulation Order which allowed cycling in the section between Kensington Place and Queens Gardens, but none were found.

The TROs were discussed at the Environment, Transport and Sustainability committee on 11 October 2016. We hope there will be a new TRO to permit cycling on the section of Gloucester Road between Kensington Place and Queens Gardens. Cycling works fine at this location at the moment, though space is limited.

TROs can be seen on the Council’s TRO page It’s well worth keeping an eye on this page where you can support or object to proposals. Also look out on the street for the loss of any signage which indicates you can cycle anywhere.


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