Road Justice

dsc08780Cyclists are sometimes involved in road traffic collisions and other incidents on or off the road. Some of these have serious and occasionally fatal consequences. How does the legal system treat cyclists and pedestrians?  Unfortunately processes involving the police, the Crown Prosecution Service and the courts are obscure and have sometimes left justice undone. We have a complicated justice system and work is underway to improve it for the victims of road crashes.

Bricycles supports Cycling UK’s Road Justice campaign.

The campaign’s objectives

1. To ensure thorough police investigations of all road traffic collisions involving injury and death, including appropriate support and information for road crash victims.

2. To ensure the police and prosecution make appropriate charging and prosecution decisions.

3. To ensure sentences reflect the severity of an offence and discourage bad driving, with an emphasis on more and longer driving bans.


We also support the similarly named campaign “Roads to Justice” by Brake, the road safety charity that supports the victims of road traffic crashes. Read more here