Councillors: Steve Davis (Green), Jamie Lloyd (Green), Sarah Nield (Green)

One way streets needing contraflow: Peacock Lane

Requests for change:

  • Better protection of cyclists using the A23 (NCN 20) cycle route. Review all the junctions with side roads with a view to restricting turns by motor vehicles that are endangering north and southbound cyclists.
  • Ensure Ditchling Road cycle facility kept free of parked vehicles
  • Cycle route from Preston Park along Surrenden Road to Varndean college
  • Cycle route Tongdean lane?
  • Dyke Road cycle facility is constantly obstructed by parked cars and the advisory lanes are far too narrow, particularly at the northern end (Dyke Road Avenue – Withdean Ward).
  • Re-design of Dyke Road – Dyke Road Avenue cycle facility and extend across the double roundabout junction with the A2083 (King George VI avenue) and the A27.
  • Ensure safer connections for cyclists at all arms of the A27 roundabouts. Need Dutch style design.
  • Ensure speed reduction on Mill Road (National Speed Limit at present for most of it) and greater safety & priority for cyclists using tunnel and following NCN20. (With Patcham Ward).
  • Solution for Peacock Lane/A23 junction, the site of increased risk for cyclists as eastbound traffic cuts across the A23 cycle lane into Peacock Lane with inadequate observation. Consider closing it to motor vehicles.


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