St Peters and North Laine


Ward profile:

Political representation

Lizzie Deane (Green) – @LizzieDeaneBton
Louisa Greenbaum (Green) – @lougreenbaum
Pete West (Green)

Local Issues:

A big and busy ward, SPNL benefits from the well organised cycle contra-flow scheme in North Laine as well as the New Road shared space scheme. Running along its eastern edge is the Valley Gardens, where a planned regeneration is expected to provide improved cycle infrastructure.

Issues remain along the Lewes Road, between the Level and the Vogue Gyratory, which has an advisory cycle lane which is often obstructed, and some concerns remain about the operation of the Vogue Gyratory scheme, although this is possibly the best made of a difficult space.

Of all the wards, it is probably the busiest and most compact, with all modes competing for space, and the extensive list of suggested schemes below underline the potential for improvement.

Big on bike shops, the ward is home to Baker Street Bikes (not on Baker Street), Brighton BMX Co (on Baker Street), Amsterdammers below the station, N+1 repair, bike hire and coffee shop at the Brighton Station bike hub, UBYK which recently replaced Sydney Street Bikes (on Sydney Street), Velo Vitality on Trafalgar Street, Strudwicks Cycles on Oxford Street, The Cycle Store on London Road, Rayment Cycles at Circus Parade, and Changing Gears community workshop on Lewes Road.

Requested Improvements

One way streets for two way cycling:

  • Cheapside
  • Guildford Road
  • North Road
  • Windsor Street

Junction Review:

  • Improve Cheapside junction.
  • Improve junction of Preston Road, Beaconsfield Road, London Road, New England Road (Preston Circus) (with Preston Park ward)
  • Improve junction of Baker Street/A23
  • Improve Clock Tower junction (with Regency Ward)
  • Improve junction of New England Street / New England Road


  • Cycle route for New England Road Extension east from Old Shoreham Road (with Preston Park ward).
  • Cycle route to Brighton Station along whole of Queens Road
  • Cycle route for Viaduct Road
  • Contraflow for Cheapside
  • Remove final kerb by the cycle parking in Vogue Gyratory scheme.
  • Continuation of route at top of Trafalgar Street
  • Gloucester Road – clear obstructions and continue route west
  • Support Valley Gardens scheme including routes around St Peter’s Church and north-south link to seafront
  • Better signage or removal of unmarked steps in the path of cyclists and pedestrians in the redesigned “Common room” Providence Place park.
  • Better control of parking by the redesigned Providence Place park
  • Review Ann Street London Rd Oxford Street junction to make it more coherent/legible for cycling
  • Prevent obstructive car parking in cycle lane on west side of London Road.
  • Review of traffic light phasing (long delays) and presence of HGVs on London Road
  • More bike parking in London Road outside the Co-op, Aldi and Lloyds bank area.
  • Better signage for the contraflows in north laine.
  • Early green phase for cyclists on traffic lights north of the level.

Do you have any further suggestions, ideas or thoughts for this ward? Leave your comments below.

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