Queens Park


Ward profile:

Councillors: Nick Childs (Labour), Amanda Evans (Labour), Clare Rainey (Green)

Local Issues:

A long standing local concern has been about cyclists going against the flow on St James Street (one-way eastbound) which has resulted in numerous police ‘action days’ handing out advice and FPN’s. This sort of thing tends to indicate an issue in provision for cyclists, and  a potentially helpful initiative the area has been the Edward Street Improvements, which have seen cycle lanes marked on Edward Street alongside bus and pedestrian measures, and may make this a more useful westbound route.

How much this helps westbound cyclists remains to be seen, but an outstanding issue of north/south routes remains, with one-way streets remaining an unnecessary obstacle for cycling in the ward.

The council Sustainable Transport Transition Fund includes this ward, which will focus on individual travel planning and training to promote sustainable transport choices. More on this initiative HERE

Two absolute plus point of Queens Park ward are the presence of Freedom Bikes on George Street and the Cranks DIY workshop on Chapel Street.

Requested improvements

One way streets for 2-way cycling

St James’s Street

Many one way streets in the vicinity

Junction review

Improve Aquarium Roundabout (with Regency Ward)


Marine Parade cycling facility: safe route for children into Kemp Town and Queen’s Park

Valley Gardens transport scheme with north-south link to seafront

Interim alternative route for cyclists when Madeira Drive closed for events.

2-way cycling in St James’s Street and a review of all one way streets in the vicinity with a view to 2-way cycling.

Do you have any further suggestions, ideas or thoughts for this ward? Leave your comments below.

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