Preston Park


Ward Profile:

Political representation:

Leo Littman (Green)
Kevin Allen (Labour)
Julie Cattell (Labour) – @cooljool80

Requested Improvements

One way streets for two way cycling:

  • Springfield Road

Junction Review:

  • Improve junction of Preston Road, Beaconsfield Road, London Road, New England Road (Preston Circus) (with StP&NL ward)
  • Dyke Road Drive junction with Preston Road
  • Preston Road – Stanford Avenue, improve junction

Better junction design at Old Shoreham Road / Dyke Road and Old Shoreham Road / Upper Drive (With Preston Park, Hove Park, Goldsmid ward)


  • Cycle facility for Beaconsfield Road southbound
  • Sort out loading and parking arrangements at Beaconsfield Road (northern end) which are hazardous for cyclists and pedestrians.

Cycle route for New England Road.  Extension east from Old Shoreham Road (with St Peter’s & North Laine).

Do you have any further suggestions, ideas or thoughts for this ward? Leave your comments below.

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