Requested Improvements

Redesign junctions at each end of Old London Road for people cycling and walking

Redesign Carden Ave / A23 London Road roundabout.

Crossing for Ditchling Road / Coldean Lane junction so that cycle route continues to Ditchling Beacon and SDNP.

Peacock Lane/A23 junction, the site of increased risk for cyclists as eastbound traffic cuts across the A23 cycle lane into Peacock Lane with inadequate observation. Consider closing it to motor vehicles. (Also Withdean Ward)

2-way cycle lanes all the way up Carden Avenue to Hollingbury shops.

2-way facility up Ladies Mile Road

Continue from Ladies Mile Road to instate mainly off-road cycle track along existing paths and Access Land to Ditchling Beacon Road and Carden Avenue.

Redesign existing totally inadequate cycling facilities at Crowhurst Road, Hollingbury.

Create cycling / walking route from Patcham Village to the Chattri without hazardous road crossings.

Off-road extension to St. Gabriel’s Lane north of the A27 going eastwards and using Access Land to join Ditchling Beacon Road.

Widen Ditchling Road cycle lanes and cycle path and extend to Ditchling Beacon and SDNP.

Reduce speed limit on Ditchling Road north of Woodbourne Avenue.

Improve surface of Ditchling Road walking/cycle path with a sealed surface to enable road bikes to be used without skidding, getting muddy etc.

Take a lane of the northbound A23 by Patcham Place to widen existing cycle facility (NCN20) and link to Mill Road.

Ensure speed reduction on Mill Road (National Speed Limit at present for most of it) and greater safety & priority for cyclists using tunnel and following NCN20. (With Withdean Ward).

What else would you like to see?