Hove Park


Requested improvements:

Improve junction of the Drive / Old Shoreham Road

Improve junction of Dyke Road, Highcroft Villas and the Upper Drive (with Preston Park and Withdean ward).

Cycle facility across the double roundabout junction with the A2083 (King George VI avenue) and the A27 to access Devil’s Dyke via Devil’s Dyke Road. (With H&K ward)

Better junction design at Old Shoreham Road / Dyke Road crossroads

Better junction design at Old Shoreham Road / Sackville Road / Nevill Road

Better junction at Old Shoreham Road / Upper Drive where cyclists/motor vehicles making turns cross in the middle. (With Preston Park, Hove Park, Goldsmid ward)

2-way cycling facility for Sackville Road and Nevill Road.

Improve the temporary Old Shoreham Road cycle facility west to Sackville Road ensuring separation from traffic.

Re-design of Dyke Road cycle facility which is constantly obstructed by parked cars and the advisory lanes are far too narrow, particularly at the northern end (Dyke Road Avenue – Withdean Ward).

Improve the Upper Drive for cycling. Fast traffic, parking, poor road surface, bus stops, build outs. Need better separation from traffic.

What else would you like to see?