Hanover and Elm grove



David Gibson (Green) – @davidinhanover

Elaine Hills (Green) @HanoverHills


Local Issues:

The western border of Hanover & Elm grove runs along Lewes Road, and shares (with St Peters & North Laine) the same issues of an obstructed advisory cycle lane in need of improvement. A hilly ward, it nonetheless has high levels of cycle ownership and cycle commute rates. Car parking has long been a local issue, with the area often chronically overparked, as it offers the closest free parking to the city centre and this can produce hazards to cyclists as visibility is reduced around junctions.

The long awaited Hanover & Elm grove controlled parking consultation is now underway which has the potential to help this, as well as providing more cycle parking, but also has the potential to create more one-way streets, which could be an issue unless they remain two-way for cycling. For the council documents and forms look HERE and for community based information, see the Hanover and Elm Grove Local Action team HERE and the Hanover Streets for People group HERE

The consultation closes on January 13th

Following an incident at the junction of Elm Grove and Lewes Road in July 2016 when a cyclist was struck by a left turning lorry, a petition has been set up calling for an urgent junction review. For more on this, look HERE HERE and HERE

Suggested improvements:

One way streets for two way cycling:

  • Totland Road
  • Islingword Road
  • Milton Road
  • Howard Road
  • Bentham Road
  • Carlyle Street
  • Arnold Street
  • Lynton Street
  • Baxter Street
  • Hallett Road
  • Many one way streets

Junction review:

Enable westbound cyclists to access Lewes Road from Hartington Road when traffic queued back

Elm Grove/Lewes Road junction – improvements for cyclists and pedestrians to reduce conflict with motor vehicles


Restrict parking around junctions on Southover Street to enable better visibility between cars turning into Southover Street and cyclists heading downhill.

Do you have any further suggestions, ideas or thoughts for this ward? Leave your comments below.

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