Hangleton and Knoll

Requested improvements:

Improve Old Shoreham Road temporary facility at junctions e.g. where a “straight ahead” arrow is needed at the near side at both the east and westbound lanes at the junctions with Nevill Road and Sackville Road A2023.

Cycle facility across the double roundabout junction with the A2083 (King George VI avenue) and the A27 to access Devil’s Dyke via Devil’s Dyke Road. (With Hove Park ward)

Also, improve access e.g. from Olive Road and Benfell area.

Continuation of A270 Old Shoreham Road cycle facility from junction with Hangleton Road to the boundary of the City

Upgrade Benfield Valley cycle track to enable wide route to West Hove Sainsbury’s as many roads around here e.g. A293 are fast, dangerous and carry any HGVs.

2-way facilities along Hangleton Road and Hangleton Way

Ensure safer connections for cyclists at all arms of the A27 roundabouts. Need Dutch style design.

What else would you like to see?