Ward Profile:


John Allcock, Labour Party
Marianna Ebel, Green
Jackie O’Quinn, Labour

Local Issues:

Goldsmid ward is home to the Old Shoreham Road separated cycle lane, which is a fine example of the sort of thing we could be looking at in other parts of the city.

Brighton's Old Shoreham Road: the cycle-ways to the future? | CTC

Part of the ward includes the Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum, which – in the face of substantial potential development around the Hove Station area, is currently putting together a Neighbourhood Plan. Their vision for the area includes a focus on sustainable transport, greater permeability for walking and cycling, and restraint/restriction for motor traffic through the area using strategies of filtered permeability, speed reduction and shared space. The Neighbourhood Plan is a work in progress and may be of great interest to any cyclists living in the area or regularly passing through. To find out about the Forum, look HERE

Requested Improvements:

Junction Review:

Better junction design at Old Shoreham Road / Dyke Road and Old Shoreham Road / Upper Drive (With Preston Park, Hove Park, Goldsmid ward)

Do you have any further suggestions, ideas or thoughts for this ward? Leave your comments below.

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