East Brighton


Requested improvements

One way streets for 2-way cycling: Paston Place, Craven Road, Roads around St George’s Road e.g. St. George’s Terrace, College Place, College Road etc.

Improve Madeira Drive / Dukes Mound junction.

Marine Parade cycling facility urgently needed

Extend eastbound cycle lanes from Eastern Road and ensure safer and viable routes to RSCH and Sussex Eye Hospital etc.

Paston Place cycle facility to connect with RSCH

St George’s Road – much better control of loading and vehicles parking by shops. Prioritise walking and cycling. Make it traffic free.

Extension of Drove Road track along Warren Road to Elm Grove

Ensure viable route for cyclists during seafront events

Whitehawk Road, Whitehawk Way, Manor Hill, Wilson Avenue, Warren Way all need 2-way cycle tracks.

Improvement to Whitehawk Hill Road to provide better 2-way cycle track from Elm Grove to the RSCH

What else would you like to see?