Central Hove


Ward Profile:

Political representation:

Gary Wilkinson (Labour)
Clare Moonan (Labour)

Local Issues:

Central Hove is rich with cycle infrastructure, with the seafront cycle track forming its east/west boundary, and the Grand Avenue protected cycle lane going north/south – the ward also has points of long standing conflict around cycling however, with concerns expressed at the Central Hove Local Action Team around cycling on the prom, pavement cycling on Victoria Terrace and cycling on George Street during pedestrian hours.

A couple of years back, the council initiated some research into options for permitting cycling on the prom, but this seems to have been shoved into the long grass for now. A point which came up then was that the prom cycling issue and pavement cycling on Victoria Terrace were very likely exacerbated by the way that the seafront track loops around the southern boundary of the King Alfred, and that extending the cycle track as a protected bi-directional lane along Victoria Terrace as a continuous route would substantially resolve this issue. Could this be something to push for as part of the proposed King Alfred redevelopment?

George Street is an awkward compromise, being one-way for all traffic and pedestrianised for part of the day, it does form a useful route for cyclists, and should probably be two way for cycling outside of pedestrian hours at least – if not turned into a Shared Space street like New Road in Brighton.

Having substantial development pressure in the area within and immediately surrounding the ward there is particular need to make best use of space, and potential should exist to improve space for cycling as part of this. One to watch in coming years.

Suggested improvements:

One way streets for two way cycling:

  • Queen’s Gardens
  • Malvern Street
  • Belfast Street
  • Haddington Street
  • George Street

Junction Review:

  • Church Road – Tesco’s junction. Confusion for eastbound cyclists due to lane markings.
  • Grand Avenue – traffic light confusion at junction with A259 for cyclists?
  • New Church Road / Pembroke Gardens – reduce swept kerb by Hove Museum
  • King’s esplanade junctions with side roads


  • Resurface the seafront cycle path west of Grand Avenue.
  • King’s Esplanade – redesign for safer cycling with priority for cyclists. Clearer signage of contraflow for motorists.
  • Allow considerate cycling on the promenade.
  • Early green phase for cyclists on traffic lights along Church Road.
  • Cycle track east and westbound along Western Road/Church Road/New Church Road from Clock Tower to Sackville Rd
  • Extend seafront cycle track westbound along Victoria Terrace to link to existing seafront cycle track without detour around the King Alfred centre.

Do you have any further suggestions, ideas or thoughts for this ward? Leave your comments below.

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