Brighton and Hove by ward

Ward map

Bricycles is gathering requests for improvements for cycling in Brighton and Hove and listing them under each ward in the City. (Use the drop down menu above to find your ward)

We have included requests for one way streets for conversion to 2-way cycling, junctions to be reviewed from the cyclist and pedestrian point of view for safety, and wider schemes to assist mobility through the City and beyond!

With such a lot of change to our built environment proposed at the moment, there are likely to be opportunities through the planning process for improvements to sustainable transport in the city, and we hope that your views on how Brighton & Hove can be improved to provide a better environment for those who would like to take up cycling here, as well as those already making use of their bike to get around, will be of use to planners and decision makers as helpful reference when furthering development plans and proposals.

Some ward pages also include additional information about the ward – where new developments are planned which might make a difference, proposed parking schemes or other consultations etc… and we would like to offer this information for all wards and make sure it is up to date, so if you know of anything going on locally which offers threat or opportunity to cycling in the ward, do let us know. Also, if you would like to edit your ward page for Bricycles, this would be very welcome – do get in touch

To add comments, ideas and suggestions, use the comments box at the foot of each ward page or send suggestions to or


2 thoughts on “Brighton and Hove by ward

  1. I can’t comment on the Hanover and Elm Grove page, but I think the area could be improved by a more comprehensive filtering treatment, with through traffic only allowed on (for example) Elm Grove and Southover Street and all other streets being access-only for cars but fully open for cycling and walking.

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