• A cycle-friendly road network in the City and whatever other facilities cyclists need
  • One-way streets turned into two-way cycling
  • Road traffic reduction
  • A 20 mph speed limit across the City
  • 20 mph to be the default maximum speed in towns and villages
  • Slower speeds on rural roads
  • An adequate local and national budget for cycling
  • Good secure cycle parking in Brighton and Hove
  • Better road surfaces
  • Better signing of cycle routes
  • Better cross-boundary cooperation between authorities on routes and way marking
  • The end of unnecessary “Cyclist dismount” signs
  • The continuation of bikes on trains
  • Junction improvements for cyclists and pedestrians
  • More cycle awareness in the driving test e.g. giving cyclists space and how to overtake safely
  • 10% of trips by bike by 2025
  • Not to compromise the rights of pedestrians or the less able-bodied in the pursuit of these goals

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