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Sign the petition to keep the Old Shoreham Road cycle lanes

Sign this petition to keep the pop-up lanes on the Old Shoreham Road.

There’s a petition to get rid of them, so we need to show our support. Lack of safe, protected space is the biggest barrier to people cycling.

The temporary cycle lanes were put in place on the A270 as an urgent measure in line with statutory guidance issued by the government. They extend from the Drive to the Hangleton Road junction. For the first time, families with kids can use this busy stretch of road. They’ll be particularly important when the schools go back in the autumn, so that people have an alternative to cars for the school run. Traffic, including HGVs, is often dense on the A270 and there have been several serious speeding-related accidents. We need a City-wide cycling network and links with neighbouring authorities so that people feel safer to ride.

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Act now to save our cycle lanes!

Labour councillors are calling for a ‘pause’ on cycle lanes, which dould result in us missing further funding. Write to them to tell them this is unacceptable, using our step-by-step guide and template.

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