Urgent action needed for a better A27 crossing at Lancing


Do you ride over the old Shoreham Toll Bridge and cross the A27 to go to Coombes, Botolphs or Steyning using the “Sussex Pad” junction? Well, there are proposals to close that crossing as part of the New Monks Farm development. The alternative would be a detour of about 750m ( ½ mile) which would involve four sets of traffic lights and four crossings over carriageways.

The plans are out for consultation NOW with a deadline of 29 September 2017.

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Our objections are below. Please feel free to copy and improve!

More information
Diagram VN40408/PL-015 in the Transport Assessment (below) shows the lengths we will have to go to if the plans are approved:

The proposed replacement route means that instead of the current crossing, you would have to turn left (west) on to a cycle path, go about 320m and grapple with this new roundabout (above) and four sets of traffic lights to get to the northern side of the roundabout and then cycle back east about 350m simply to get to Coombes Road on the other side of the A27. This is something you can do at the moment as soon as one set of lights changes to green.

This page will be updated as our research continues.