Hanover Parking and Street Improvements

Following an initial consultation earlier in the year, the Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee have given the go ahead for a full consultation into provision of a residents parking scheme for Hanover and Elm Grove which will take place between August and October this year.

The Hanover scheme is unusual in that – having a history of two proposed schemes being locally rejected – it has been taken forward following extensive local consultation led by the Local Action team, and aimed at developing a community supported scheme to take to the council – setting out in detail what residents wanted, rather than just waiting for the council to come up with a scheme of its own devising.

Having taken it this far, the LAT are keen that residents continue to get involved and pass on ideas for improvement, not just about vehicle parking regulations, but also looking at matters such as one way streets, cycle storage facilities, traffic calming, changes to yellow lines, community maintained planters and dropped kerbs…and any other issues which affect the way that roads, streets and pavements are used.

Detailed designs will be out in the autumn, and in the meantime local views and ideas are being sought by ward councillor David Gibson – davidsg@ntlworld.com and Hanover & Elm Grove Local Action team chair Chris Taylor greysland@sky.com. For cycle specific suggestions, see also our Hanover and Elm Grove ward pages – and don’t forget to add your voice to the Elm grove junction review petition, asking the council to look at improvements at this difficult junction.

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