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Bricycles members will have had the latest newsletter popping through their letterbox or inbox this weekend – and a treat of a read it is. Non members will need to wait a while for it to appear on this website for viewing. Being issue 108 suggests that Bricycles news has been around a while, and back issues are available on the website, but only going back to the early noughties. For last century stuff, a visit to the Keep is required, where the earliest copy on record is issue 21 from September 1984.

Sept84a - Copy

The front page news back then describes how we were within a hairs breadth of achieving a two way cycle lane along Western Road, but the scheme – which included a ban on all vehicles except cycles and buses –  was dropped following opposition from “taxi drivers and private motorists”.

The other big spread in this issue complains of the illegality of cycling along the seafront.

“In 1934… Special constables were being drafted in to keep order during the summer. One of their duties was to prevent cycling on the undercliff walk. Hans Roth argues that it is time to change the two generations old attitude that still makes cycling illegal along most of the Brighton area coast”

So while Western Road remains a semi hostile, semi mess for all modes and a possible solution slipped away 30 years back, staunch and stalwart campaigning has changed minds and opened up the seafront as probably the most useful and pleasant cycle route around.

If you would like to read the 1984 edition in full, then click HERE and HERE. If you want to be among the first to receive Bricycles news of today, join HERE.


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