North Laine By Bike

This week our campaigns team will be meeting council officers to talk about cycling in North Laine, and particularly provision Gloucester Road for two-way cycling.

North Laine was treated to a substantial cycle permeability scheme a few years back, where a number of one-way streets were opened up to two-way cycle traffic (see plan below). We think that this scheme has been a great success and should be built upon, both to include other streets in the North Laine and also extended more generally across the city.

Any thought on this in advance of the meeting, do let us know – either in the comments section below or in the discussion over on facebook

North Laine cycle contraflow map

Do you live/work in St Peters & North Laine ward? Have a look at our ward page HERE and let us know what else needs improving.


2 thoughts on “North Laine By Bike

  1. I agree that more of North Laine should be 2-way for bicycles except Sidney Street, which is very busy with pedestrians and you only have to go up to Kensington Gardens for a 2-way cycle.

    Coming out of Foundry Street going north to North Road, it should be clear that cyclists can turn right, up North Road by the Post Office exit by crossing the road.

    The road markings for cycle lanes need re-painting around the area, especially Jubilee Street.

  2. Keep Sydney Street one way as very busy with pedestrians.

    Allow cyclists to turn right out of south end of Foundry Street into North Road.

    Repaint all cycle lanes on North Laine and other Brighton roads especially Jubilee Street, and ban cars from parking in south direction cycle path in Jubilee Street.
    Make George Street, off St James Street, two-way.

    Make College Place Kemp Town two-way.


    Paul Bonett

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