Access to Brighton Station

Is this access to Brighton station good enough? What do you think of the design of this lane in Queens Road? What do you think of the use of the “orca” lane separators? Let us know by leaving a comment or emailing Join us on Facebook



2 thoughts on “Access to Brighton Station

  1. It is good it exists and it feels an easier approach to the station rather than following the two way traffic lane along Surrey Street. It would help if the contra flow cycle lane was painted red. I have visited on two occasions and have seen a painted arrow added at the end of the route which seems to make sense as before there was nothing. I also noticed the orca’s have been removed and wondered why? Only initial thought about the orca’s is to ensure their visibility to both motorists and cyclists.
    Another option would have been to have the cycle lane at pavement rather than road level or possibly a level between the two. It makes sense to separate cycle lanes from motor traffic at every opportunity whether by the use of kerb’s, orca’s or different levels. Painted cycle lanes and lines make a difference, but are second best where separation can be achieved.
    Only other thought is the end of the route – perhaps the route needed to end here but perhaps a cycle crossing could have been introduced adjacent to the pedestrian crossing and cyclists could have been lead easily to cycle parking facilities and dismount areas separate from pedestrians and motor vehicles – all dependant on space and good design – but maybe it could have been possible. It does feel a little disjointed at the end – perhaps signage could be improved but I guess there is already alot of signage in the area.
    Overall a positive improvement especially if the lane is painted, orca’s reinstated and some thought put towards improving signage.

  2. I don’t have any issues with the cycle lane- other than usual issues ( not properly segregated for example) but what I think is problematic is that you’re left not knowing where you should go at the end of it. It’s not clear at all. Can you cycle with the cabs or it is expected that you dismount and walk with the pedestrians into the station?

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