2 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings

  1. Can anything be done through the medium of Bricycles about the abandoned bikes which are everywhere in our city. Successive councils have, quite rightly, encouraged cycling but now we are left with the unintended consequences. Soon every bit of street furniture and every tree will have a bike chained to it! Surely your members can come up with a strategy to deal with this problem?

    1. Hi Pauline, collection by volunteers is not totally straightforward because the bikes are the property of someone, but a solution called BikeBank was investigated last year because (as I understand it) the Council was struggling to remove all the abandoned bikes in a timely way. The idea was to provide digital locks for anyone with an unwanted bike so that he/she could lock it up at one of a number of designated points and then text a message to a co-ordinator giving the code of the lock and the location of the bike. This was focused on students in Brighton e.g. on the Lewes Road, Hanover etc. The second part of the scheme was for volunteers/charity workers to collect the bikes and refurbish them if possible. A small amount of funding was won. I haven’t myself seen the digital locks in action, but a lot of abandoned bikes have been diverted to bike charities for refurbishment.
      The council resources and person power are being reduced further so I’m not sure what resources or funding will be available for a bigger BikeBank type scheme.
      In the interim, we can at least recommend the link to the council website where anyone can report abandoned bikes http://www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/content/parking-and-travel/travel-transport-and-road-safety/cycling

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