Stop more big roads!

ImageBricycles is a member of a new alliance challenging more roadbuilding on the A27/A259. The South Coast Alliance on Transport and the Environment has a website under construction at  SCATE also have a new Facebook page at: and are on Twitter  @SCATE_A27_A259

There are some very biased online surveys about the A27 with leading questions and no awareness of cycling, buses, trains or alternatives to motor transport e.g. at: These will no doubt be used for lobbying.  Don’t let them use your money for destructive road schemes instead of investing in better alternatives!

East Sussex Chambers of Commerce and local politicians such as Eastbourne Conservative parliamentary candidate and Councillor Caroline Ansell are lobbying for money to be spent on an A27 upgrade. But Bricycles is in favour of a switch in funding to sustainable transport. It’s a better, healthier choice. We don’t want to see the South Downs National Park damaged by new roads.

Please ‘like’ Bricycles Facebook page  for updates on this and other issues. 

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