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Another advert banned by the Advertising Standards Authority

The Advertising Standards Authority has upheld complaints against a third advert attacking Brighton & Hove City Council’s 20mph policies. The latest advert comes from Unchain the Brighton Motorist (UBM).
This follows judgements against two previous adverts, one from the GMB union and one from UBM, (about which Bricycles complained and which was adjudged to have breached the code on misleading advertising and substantiation on 11 counts.)
The latest advert, also from UBM criticised the council’s approval of Phase 2 of 20mph speed limits.
The ad breached the advertisers’ code on misleading advertising and substantiation on 3 counts. The ASA has told UBM that it must in future hold robust evidence to support claims, and ensure adverts do not mislead.
The three judgements can be seen here

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