The Drive cycle track saved, petition forces Council debate

Following a popular campaign by local cyclists, The Drive cycle lane has been saved. At a meeting of full council on 4th March Green, Labour and other opposition councillors united to overturn the ruling Tories’ budget plans and forced the Tories to accept their alternative plans to slash £34m from the Council’s budget. The overturned budget plans were wide ranging and included the £1.1m earmarked for removing The Drive cycle track.

thedrive_protest.jpgAn online petition organised by the Green Party to save the cycle track
drew 3,500 signatures, more than enough to force a debate on the matter
at the next meeting of Full Council on March 24th. Ian Davey, Green
Party Councillor and Transport Spokeperson, who was prominent in the
campaign to save the cycle track said, "The aim of that debate will be
to get a commitment from The Conservatives not to bring a similar
proposal forward again in the future. Also that if minor changes are
needed to address safety concerns then those changes are indeed made. We
want to make sure that the idea to rip up the lanes is put to bed once
and for all."

Goldsmid Ward councillor Alex Phillips commented, "Safety must come
first. New and vulnerable cyclists shouldn’t be forced into the road
alongside lorries steaming down to Shoreham Port, especially when HGVs
are involved in a disproportionate number of cyclist deaths across the
country. “

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