20's Plenty for Brighton & Hove

In 2008-9 141 people were killed or seriously injured on roads in the city. Thirteen of these were children. It is now widely recognised that the most effective measure that can be taken to lower the number of serious road casualties is to reduce traffic speed. Brighton and Hove Green Party has started an on-line petition for 20mph speed limits on residential roads across Brighton & Hove.


Many towns and cities across the country have already decided to set speed limits at 20mph across large urban areas. These include: Glasgow, Portsmouth, Leicester, Norwich and Bristol. Many residents and community groups throughout the city have called for traffic speed reductions on their local roads. Alas their calls usually go unanswered unless their is a history of casualties at the site. Too often a case of too little too late.

The online petition aims to to make our streets safer, more attractive and enjoyable places to be through the implementation of 20mph speed limits on residential roads across the city.

The petition is at http://www.gopetition.co.uk/online/31175.html

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