Worthing Promenade gets shared use cycling trial

Cyclists will be allowed on Worthing Promenade between Splash Point and
George V Avenue from August 28 for a 12 month trial period.

worthing_prom.jpgThe Argus reports that: "The issue has divided Worthing, with views for and against evenly split. Critics believe the promenade should be for walkers only, and fear an accident similar to one which happened about 15 years ago when a woman pedestrian suffered brain damage in a collision. The council was forced to pay out more than £100,000 in damages and the cycle lane between the Lido and George V Avenue was scrapped. But cycling campaigners said far more cyclists have been killed and seriously injured on roads since then."

Read the full article at the Argus website, including an interview with Jim Davis, chairman of Worthing Cycle Forum and Worthing Revolutions cycling campaign group. Note the video link at the end of the article with the headline "Argus reporter Tim Ridgway filmed a ride on Brighton’s controversial seafront cycle path in May this year. After riding its length, he has vowed never to set wheel on it again."

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