City Council's East Street consultation lacks provision for cyclists

Bricyles has formally responded to the City Council’s East Street
consultation, citing the lack of provision for cyclists on this vital
section of the local cycle network and also raising a number of serious
issues with the consultation process.

east_street.jpgFrom the poor information presented at the public consultation, it appears that these plans have been developed without consideration for cyclists, referring only to car parking, buses and pedestrian movements. NCN20 (Crawley to Brighton) runs north-south along East Street where it joins NCN2 (Seafront) by means of a toucan crossing. This cycling route has been promoted for several years by Brighton and Hove City Council and appears on the current City Cycling map. Bricycles has therefore requested assurance that cycling will continue to be encouraged at this location.

In the same letter Bricycles noted that improvement is needed in the council’s notification of forthcoming consultations, and the distribution of associated information. This particular exhibition / consultation was not well publicised and was largely unstaffed; information available at the exhibition was extremely limited; there was no on-line questionnaire or means of electronic response, which is essential for any consultation; there was no information for people to take away; and there was no indication of the closing date for receipt of responses. Bricycles have previously made very similar points about consultation processes in connection with two other recent consultations, noting that BHCC is a signatory to the Community Engagement Framework, however does not appear to be following its standards of consultation.

The full response can be found on our Letters page

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