North Street Quadrant Consultation

Brighton & Hove Council ran a consultation earlier this year about
the North Street Road Safety and Urban Enhancement Scheme (The North
Street Project) which aims to improve road safety and the environment
of North Street and the adjoining area. Following this, there is now a
public consultation of the scheme proposals for the Quadrant/Clock Tower
. There is an unstaffed exhibition at Brighton
Town Hall from Monday 15 – Friday 19 December 9am – 5pm.

nth_st_qe.jpgThe following documents have been supplied by the City Council:
Plan view of the proposed changes to the Quadrant
3D Artist Impression of the proposed changes to the Quadrant
Plan view of the proposed changes to the road and pedestrian crossings
– Quadrant / Clock Tower Junction Public Consultation Questionnaire

The questionnaire also includes space for your own comments. You cannot answer the questionnaire on line, it needs printing and posting to the address included within the questionnaire at the top of page 4. When you send your views to the council, please include the point that the previous public consultation voted in favour of a cycle route through North Street Quadrant (see image above), and that the needs of cyclists in the city centre need to be taken seriously, and a route put in place at this busy junction. Please also consider saying yes to Q.6 which talks about ‘Permitting right turns for cyclists from Queens Road into North St. to provide a more direct and convenient route’, and make the point that all turns need to be possible for cyclists at this junction so that full cyclist mobility is enabled.

You can also email with views, but ensure that you ask for an acknowledgement for your views and an assurance that your responses will be included as part of the consultation.

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