Bricycles awarded Green Campaign runner up in Argus Eco Awards

Bricycles was delighted to receive the runner up award in The Argus Eco Awards 2008 in the ‘Green Campaign’ category. This was the first of a hopefully annual event organised by the local paper and sponsored by various businesses.

eco_awards.gifOur category was closely fought and we were up against
Brighton Peace and Environment Centre and FoE Big Ask. BPEC won the award for their 3rd Age project which helped educate older
citizens about sustainability.

The awards were held on Thursday 23rd October at the Old Market in Hove
and there will be a 16 page feature in Monday’s Argus. It was a
particular pleasure to hear the council quoted as saying that
Bricycles "really keeps them on their toes". Bricycles got a particular
mention at the award ceremony for campaigning on safety at the North St Quadrant and the poor design of cycling facilities on the A259.

The Cycling Gardener was a runner up in the Green Business category.

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